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Scholarship Myths

by Dianna Ranere

There are a number of myths, which surround scholarships, and because of these, a lot of students and parents miss out on the ability to get a scholarship. Always investigate any information you think may be bogus or questionable and you may find yourself nicely surprised about getting a scholarship.

Here are a few of the more popular misconceptions about scholarships.

Myth: In order to get a scholarship you have to be an “A” student.

While having an “A” average makes it easier to get some scholarships, that alone does not guarantee any scholarship. Scholarship boards look at many other factors when granting a student a scholarship. Many of these scholarship programs look at the student as a whole including activities, personality, and general individuality of the student.

Myth: “B” and “C” students have no chance of getting a scholarship.

This is completely not correct as many students who don’t make the “A” average still get scholarships each and every year. If you are a “B” or “C” student yet you have some great history of group participation and community service, your chances of getting a scholarship improve greatly. Scholarship programs aren’t just looking for book smart students, they are looking for the leaders of the next generation.

Myth: Billions and billions of scholarship dollars go unclaimed each and every year.

While this is true to some degree, the number isn’t quite that high. Oftentimes there are scholarship monies, which are specifically set aside for certain groups or for students with very specific or particular qualifications. These may be for students from a specific town or with a specific last name, for example, a student from a town called Calvary who is Catholic and over 7 feet tall may qualify for a 4-year scholarship to a college. These often go unclaimed because of their strict nature.

Myth: You have to be poor to qualify for a scholarship.

This is very much not true at all. Middle class students can qualify for scholarships just as well as those students with even more money. While there are strictly need-based scholarship programs, many scholarships do not look at the financial situation as a primary driving force behind who gets the scholarships. Most look at the overall well-rounded student with high desire and community service.

Myth: SAT and other standardized testing are all you really need for a scholarship

Scoring well on a SAT is a great thing when applying for scholarships and grants; however, they are not the only things. If a student spent all their time studying for their SAT and did nothing else such as activities, community work or other extra curricular

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