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Recovering From a Less Than Perfect Semester

Jenn Curtis, Guest Post

Go to school. Do homework. Take a test. Repeat. Some of you feel as if this is the all-too-familiar story of your life. And for many high school students, well, it can be a pretty accurate description. For some of you, no matter how much effort you put into steps 2 and 3, your grades this past semester weren’t exactly what you’d imagined. But you know—and I know—that you can do better. While a blip on your high school record doesn’t always conjure up those same happy feelings as when you dive into your favorite flavor combination at Yogurtland, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Here are a few tips to help you recover from a less than stellar semester:

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Talk to your teacher: It may sound like a no-brainer, but many students don’t take advantage of the resource that’s right in front of them day in and day out: their teacher. Meet with your teacher to figure out the culprit(s) affecting your low grade. Use your teacher’s feedback and incorporate advice from your college counselor to come up with a plan for improvement.


Be honest with yourself about your study habits: Chances are your study habits have become more lax than you had realized. Make the choice to limit your distractions: Shake off the urge to browse Facebook no matter how badly you want a recap of the day’s events. Silence your cell phone during study time. You should also take a few minutes to review your class notes every night before you start your homework.


Re-evaluate your priorities: Take a look back at the goals that you set at the beginning of the school year. Rather than stuffing them at the bottom of your backpack, find them a cozy new home on your bedroom wall. When faced with scheduling conflicts, consult your priorities and make decisions accordingly.


Seek tutoring assistance: When your teacher’s office hours aren’t doing the trick, maybe it’s time to seek outside assistance. We at FutureWise offer academic tutoring, and we are invested in your success. Don’t be afraid to ask when you need help!


And lastly, keep at it! That’s right. Even though you might feel like giving up when the going gets tough, challenge yourself to be one of the tough who gets going. Hard work truly does pay off!

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