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The Best School for Them…The Best Cost to You

As scary as it is to think about paying for college, most parents have no idea how many financial aid options are available.

From scholarships to grants, fellowships to internships, federal loans to private loans…

You can beat the high cost of college!

And you won’t have to mortgage your home, work two jobs, or settle for a mediocre school because you just can’t afford $40,000 a year.

There is money available.

But unless you know where to find it and how to get it – you could be losing out on thousands of dollars.

I’ve see hundreds of parents struggle and worry about the costs, without any way of accessing the resources available.

As a parent myself, I know the fear of not being able to afford college for my kids.

Parents have so many questions about financial aid, and there are so few resources available to help. According to the 2003-2004 National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS) two-thirds (65.7%) of 4-year undergraduate students graduate with some debt, and the average student loan debt among graduating seniors is over $19,000.

The average cost of a private 4-year college education is now over $25,000 a year, and even some public universities are charging over $30,000! The result…Students struggle to pay for college without some form of financial aid. Some students even find themselves getting into debt that takes years to pay off.

“You have really opened my eyes to this process and an explanation of each type of financial aid. This was very, very helpful to me because next year I have (2) children who will be attending college next year and (1) a year later and (2) two years later. Your booklet and CD were very informative and I am glad I signed up for this.”
-Doreen Bryan, Paterson, NJ

It’s No Secret that College Costs are Skyrocketing

Many parents fear they won’t be able to pay for their student’s education, and won’t be able to get enough financing. And even if you’re able to incur the education, housing, and board costs of your student’s school, what about their younger siblings?

I’ve faced these challenges, and so have my clients. For over ten years I’ve helped parents find the money to pay for college, and I’ve worked with every challenge imaginable – low income, too high an income, international students, older students, disabled students, alternative programs – you name it. There is an answer for everyone.

I’ve developed a system that helps students find the best college for them, and helps parents find the best financial aid packages available.

After helping hundreds of clients navigate the complex maze of college financing, I’ve made my program available to any parent who wants to make the college selection process exciting, fulfilling, and affordable.

Imagine Your Student Attending the College of Their Dreams, Getting the Best Education and Having a Fantastic Learning Experience.

You don’t have to spend sleepless nights tossing and turning over whether you’ll be able to afford the next semester or the next year.

You can help provide the best education for your student– and still have money for other financial goals.

You can rest assured that you’ll be able to pay for your student’s education while they have an unforgettable college experience.

I’ve been involved in the awarding of scholarship to students for over twenty years, but after sitting through your workshop I was amazed at how much I didn’t know about funding a college education. ——-Thomas Hampton, Executive Director

Many parents don’t think they’ll qualify for financial aid, or enough aid to make it possible to send their son or daughter to college. But few people know the range of packages and options available, or the best ways to access aid. I offer a variety of approaches for parents at all qualification levels.

The Maze of Options Can be Terrifying…But it Doesn’t Have to be

As a certified financial planner, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to help afford a college education. I specialize in college funding because I’ve seen so many parents worry needlessly and assume they don’t have a chance at any aid. I’d like to share my years of experience with you and your college-bound student.

The tip about “easy money” – scholarships that aren’t being competitively sought is a good one. It is true. A common complaint I hear from different service organizations is that there are not enough candidates applying for the scholarships they have available. -Diane Wondolowski, Goleta, CA

This program makes it easy to prepare your son or daughter for their ideal school, while helping prepare you to get the maximum amount of financial aid available.

How Many of These do You Qualify For (and how many did you even know about)?
State / Federal
Community Service
PLUS Loans

There are literally hundreds of sources for college financing, but without a crystal-clear plan you won’t be able to compete for the best financial aid packages.

“The College Decision Navigator” is a comprehensive manual that walks every parent through the ENTIRE process of preparing for college. Here’s some of what’s included:

The Top Ten Things to do to Maximize College Success – Do these and you’ll be ahead of 90% of the pack.

“The College-Prep Calendar”, which guides your student step by step through high school to ensure he or she is able to choose the best college

“The Career Search Navigator” which will help your son or daughter begin choosing their ideal career path.

“The Top 100 Careers for the Next Decade” – A listing of the most profitable and fulfilling careers for the next ten years.

“The Top College Majors for the Next Decade” – What companies are really looking for.

Questions to Ask Someone with Experience in Your Chosen Career or Field of Interest – Make sure you get the inside scoop on what works after graduation; i.e. in the “real world”.

Ranking Your Career/College Major Interests– The more clarity your student gets around their interests, the more successful the college experience will be.

Questions To Be Asked: Admissions Office
The 9 questions to ask the Admissions Office that make sure your son or daughter has all the information necessary to ace the admissions process.

Questions To Be Asked: Financial Aid Office
How to get the best answers to your questions about financial aid.

Questions To Be Asked: Career Placement Office
The top questions that will prepare your student for the most exciting and fulfilling college career.

Questions To Be Asked: Faculty or Department Head
Asking the right questions of the department head will help you determine how well the program fits your student’s goals.

Questions To Be Asked: Athletic Department/Coach
Even if your student isn’t planning on getting an athletic scholarship, getting familiar with the coach can help set the framework for future grants.

Questions To Be Asked: Students
Most colleges set up Q&A sessions where enrolled students can give some “insider information” to the applicants. Knowing the best questions to ask will help your son or daughter prepare ahead.

Ranking The College Choices After The Visit
This tool will help you and your student analyze all the information you’ve collected, so you can prioritize your planning.

Finally someone who understands the stress, anxiety and fears of a parent who kid is going to college. You clearly defined every term & concept all parents must know when getting our kids ready for school. Thank you for taking the time to educate us on Financial Aid Resources. This book is my Financial Bible. -Ashante Pickett, Linden, NJ

Top Ten Factors Considered In Admissions
By being clear on exactly what colleges are looking for in your applicant, you can tailor your college preparation process and save hundreds of hours.

Admission Deadlines & Strategies
This tool helps you organize your college application process, and make sure you’re focused on balancing quality education with financial aid.

Admissions Application Checklist
Step by step outline of exactly what you need to do to ensure your application process goes as smoothly as possible.

Résumé of Outstanding Achievement
All students know they need to submit a personal essay that highlights past achievements. But your student can stand out from thousands of admissions by supplying a special document that focuses on the points most important to that college – The College Decision Navigator will take show you exactly how to develop your special resume.

Essay Checklist
So many students feel overwhelmed by the essay portion of the application. This checklist gives you a clear system to make this section flow
Interview Checklist
How to best prepare for what can be the most intimidating portion of the application process.

What are Standardized Tests and Their Requirements?
A basic overview of the PSAT, SAT, & ACT, and why they’re important for getting financial assistance.

The Six Essential Steps To Prepare For Tests
The easiest way to guarantee the highest possible score.

Top 10 Tips To Help You Do Your Best On The SAT
Strategies to help improve scores on the PSAT and SAT

A Closer Look at The SAT
The most frequently asked questions about the standardized tests.

Selecting the Student’s Ideal College
Choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions your son or daughter will ever make. Stories of drop-outs and 5-year college tenures are common, and most problems are caused by poor selection at the beginning.

To maximize your student’s college experience, we’ve included this very important section on how to rank 20 different considerations when choosing a school. This tool makes it easy to consider all the important factors that impact a student’s college experience.

A Step by Step System that Makes College Selection Simple, Fun, and Powerful

Here is some of the information you’ll get with my system:
 The 6 essential questions to ask your financial aid counselor
 The top 10 Careers for the next 10 years
 The 2 types of skills that will be in greatest demand over the next decade
 The top questions you need to ask of mentors – before you decide on a major
 3 key questions that almost no one else asks the admissions department
 A secret method to stand out apart from thousands of other applicants
 Two tactics for acing the interview, and how to prepare to make an incredible impression
 Why the PSAT is essential to your financial aid package
 The 20 major college selection factors to consider in your search
 The top ten ways to maximize your college financial aid package
 How to negotiate with colleges around financial aid

Felicia offers simple & practical advice that every parent could utilize in their quest to prepare for the expense of their child’s education.
– Jaynee Sasso, Host of Protect Your American Dream

 Why you need to keep your student informed of the process
 How to avoid picking a major in a declining field
 How to use the Career Placement office as an admissions tool
 9 Strategic questions to ask the department head
 How to get the inside info – from other students
 The 6 different types of admissions, and which is the best for your situation
 The best way to organize your college admission essay
 The 6 keys to preparing for college prep tests
 The top 10 tips to do your best on the SAT
 4 Steps every high school senior should take to maximize their college experience

It could cost you thousands of dollars to get this information from a personal college financial planner. And truthfully, that’s what I charge.

But if you order the manual today, you can get my most valuable advice for a fraction of the cost to meet with me personally.

So how much will all this cost?

To make this package affordable for every parent who dreams of sending their student to college I’ve decided to sell this manual for $59. That’s less than half an hour for my consultation, and you’ll get all the forms, worksheets, charts and graphs I give my clients.

But I’ve decided to go one step further and include something special…

BONUS CD: College Funding & Financial Aid Secrets Revealed!

13 Best-Kept Secrets of College Financial Planning- A special audio interview I did with Jaynee Sasso, Host of “Protecting the American Dream”

In this interview, you’ll learn how to benefit from:

1-Federal And Private Grants – How to quickly recognize and apply for the “Easy
Money” available to you

2-Federal Student Loans – When and why it could work in your favor to have your
Student take out Student Loans even when you can easily afford to pay for college tuition

3-Scholarships – Usually parents and students immediately say they hope to get a
scholarship to help pay for college…and the truth is only 2% of all college tuition is
paid for through scholarships. I’ll reveal how you can increase your chances of
receiving a scholarship and how to fund the other 98% of the tuition due.

4-Work-Study Aid – Another huge resource for college funding and why it shouldn’t
be overlooked so quickly.

5-The Formula for the Family Expected Contribution and what you can do to keep it
as low as possible. This formula assesses your family income and assets while
outlining what the student and family are expected to contribute….but this DOESN’T
mean that’s what you’ll HAVE to pay….there are many unique strategies (all perfectly
legal) to lower the retail cost of college…freeing up thousands of dollars and keeping
it in your pocket!!

6-The 9 elements you’ll need in order to apply for federal financial aid, and why you
MUST apply well before the deadline if you want to scoop up the largest amount of
“free money”.

7-13 GUARANTEED Ways To Pay For College Using Both “Need” And “Merit” Based Aid…
And How Understanding The Differences Can Save your Family Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars!

So you get everything for $59 – all the tips, strategies, techniques, and templates I give my clients, and the audio interview where Jaynee was able to get me to reveal secrets I didn’t include with the manual.

But I’m not stopping there. To make sure you get the most from this package, I’m including something special just for new customers.

EXTRA BONUS If You Order Within the Next Two Weeks…

I’m including a special one-time only free teleclass exclusively for purchasers of The College Decision Navigator. It will be offered in October, and I’ll email you the call-in information. Please don’t share the number with anyone!

This will be a one-hour private call for owners of the manual where you can ask me your most pressing questions – I want you to grill me – and believe me, I’ve heard it all! I charge hundreds of hours for my time, so this call will be worth the cost of the manual itself.

At the end of the call I want you to feel 100% more confident and comfortable with your ability to afford a high-quality education for your son or daughter. No more sleepless nights!

“Yes Felicia, Show Me How to Help My Kids Get the Best Education Without Staying up All Night Worrying About How to Pay for it!”

 I understand I’ll receive immediate access to the manual in digital PDF format with all the ideas, forms, strategies, and resources I’ll need to help my student get into the perfect college.

 I also receive a special audio CD interview on 13 Guaranteed Ways to Pay for College – that will teach me how to develop a strategy to get the most aid possible at the lowest cost.

 In addition, I get access to an exclusive teleclass, where I can get my most urgent questions answered and start easing my fears about paying for college.

 PLUS, I get all the forms, questionnaires and tools in PDF format to help make choosing a college easy and exciting.

Purchase Now Via Secure Online Server, Fax, or Phone!

PS – Remember, you’ll get all the forms, worksheets, strategies, questionnaires and templates I share with my clients at a fraction of the cost. You’ll get an audio interview where I share 13 guaranteed ways to get money for college. And maybe most valuable, you’ll get access to an exclusive seminar where you can ask me your questions directly.

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