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Passions, Pursuits, and Purpose: Purpose Part 3

What plans are in place for your life?
by Audrey Johnson


After you know what your passions are, and you begin to get involved in your pursuits, you can ask, what is my purpose? All you do can relate to your purpose.

 A purpose is defined as  “(1) the object for which anything exists or is done, made, used, etc. and (2) an intended or desired result” ( Barnhart, 984).

Before and after you establish or understand your purpose, you can have goals that you set for yourself.

A goal is defined as  “(1) that toward which effort is directed; aim or end and (2) the terminal point in a race ( Barnhart, 517).

In the Christian race, Paul tells us “ I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”; (2 Timothy 4:12).  You need to realize that sometimes it may seem like you are in a fight or struggle to pursue your passion.  However, if you stay on the path of following your passions and pursuits, you can stay on the course to fulfill your purpose.

Often, the path may not appear to be clear, but I remind myself and my children that we should have faith in God and the seeds (passions) that He planted in us.  After they have sprouted, they will grow to maturity.  You can change lives through the passions, pursuits, and purpose God has given you.

Your life’s purpose may not seem obvious. Some individuals know “what they want to be when they grow up” very early in life. Others cannot identify a clear direction. There are people who have planned out their life and others who spontaneously move from one opportunity to another.

Some students select a major before they begin their college years. Others enter college with an undeclared major.

Passions plus pursuits plus a purpose can lead to being paid.  How can we define “pay” at various stages of life?  At the school level, scholarships received only by some or even all of the program participants allows your child to be “paid.”  At the undergraduate level, because of your passions and pursuits, you can apply for scholarships based on your major.  At the graduate level, fellowships pay for post undergraduate work.  After college, the paycheck from your job you obtain as a result of following your passions will be evidence that all of the years of passions and pursuits have come to fruition.

So, what plans do you have for your present and your future?

  1. Determine your passion(s). It may change or shift within a particular field. By participating in various programs of fields you are considering, you can help yourself eliminate or select certain passions and pursuits based on the experiences. This can save thousands of dollars in college tuition, because you will not select a major that is not aligned with your passions. For example, one student may decide that music is her passion.
  2.  Begin or keep up your pursuits. This student plays an instrument, receives private lessons, participates in an orchestra, and attends concerts, workshops, and summer programs. She may even enjoy composing music and directing the youth choir at church.
  3. Crystallize and define your purpose. Are you gifted with the abilities in science, music, communication, art, math, history, or another field? This student’s purpose is to play music that she and others will enjoy. She wants to study the world of music to better equip herself as a musician.
  4. Look to obtain “pay” at whatever level you are at. Her pay comes with various scholarships and job opportunities in her chosen field. The intangible benefit of her knowing that she is fulfilling her purpose on earth by using the talents God has given her, is also a form of “pay.”

At a recent home school convention, I attended a seminar on life purpose given by Woody Robertson.  He suggested several books, including: don’t waste your life, by John Piper.  I own that book, and plan to read it!  I trust that your passions, pursuits, and purpose will be what motivates you.  It will be the reason you stay in school and look forward to joyfully starting each day.  Will there be times in your life when you wonder if you have chosen the right profession?  Sure!  But. I have faith that God is leading me where He wants me to go.  The passions and pursuits of my 11th grade son and 9th grade daughter can lead them to determine their purpose in life. What plans are in place for your life?

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