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It pays to go to school in New Jersey

My next door neighbor, Seton Hall University issued a press release that caught my attention the other day. Every day parents ask me “Don’t these colleges understand that they’re making it hard for me to send my kid’s to college when I see these tuition rates.”

Seton Hall seems to understand what parents are going through and is doing something about it for families considering their school.

Who can get the public school rates for a private school education?

Any student that:
1) Graduates in the top 10% of their class
2) Has a minimum of 27 on their ACT or 1200 on the critical reading and math sections of the SAT with no less than 550 in either section
3) Applies by December 15th
4) Is a first-time freshman enrolling directly from high school to college
5) Can be from any of the 50 states, students do not need to be from New Jersey

What do you get if you’re accepted into Seton Hall University?

A quality private Catholic college education for the same price as Rutgers in-state tuition in Arts & Science (rate is $5,052 per semester).

Founded in 1856 as Seton Hall College, Seton Hall is home to 5,300 undergraduate students and 4,400 graduate students. It has eight different schools and colleges with programs in business, law, nursing, education and diplomacy.

Who is not eligible for this program?

Unfortunately graduate students, English as a second language students, non-matriculated students and students participating in a study abroad program are not eligible for this reduced tuition rate.

Do I have to do anything special to get this “budget-friendly” tuition rate?

No, any students who apply that meet the academic and admission requirements for this tuition rate will receive it. You do not have to fill out a special application.

How long does this program last?

Four years (up to 18 units a semester) not including summer semesters.

How much would you save attending Seton Hall at the reduced rates?

$21,336 a year and over 4 years, families could save $85,344.

What the catch?

The catch if there is one, is that students who are admitted and attend Seton Hall under this program must maintain 3.0 GPA, maintain continuous full-time status as a student and must complete 24 units a school year.

Personally, I think that’s a small price to pay for the education.

You may learn more about the program from Dr. Alyssa McCloud, Vice President of Enrollment Management in the video below.

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