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Introducing Audrey Johnson

Perhaps because our dad was in the Air Force where we moved every two years (whether we needed to or not), I’ve always been comfortable with change.

New places. New foods. New people.

And starting this Wednesday, we have a new writer with us. Audrey Johnson will be sharing her experiences as she moves her son, a home-schooled junior toward high school graduation and onto college. The bi-monthly column is intended to serve as a parent’s perspective on the college planning process. Audrey will be sharing books and other resource she has found useful and we hope that you will share your comments and your own resources in the coming months.

As you follow Audrey’s journey, ask yourself if you are ahead or behind her in your own college plans. If you’re like most of the people we talk to, in some areas you may be ahead of her and in some areas you may be behind her. She may also bring up some points hat you’ve never considered. And from time to time, we’ll add in our two cents to enhance your college planning process.

As always . . .

We are dedicated to college success.

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