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Get a Job in Your Jammies: 5 Top Online Degrees to Earn More Money

Online educationThe sun is about to set and you still haven’t gotten out of your pajamas. Sighing, you mindlessly fill out a thirty page personality assessment for a job at McDonald’s. You reflect upon the fact that maybe, just maybe, it’s time to finish your degree. There are many online programs available today in extremely lucrative fields. And, selecting the correct degree is important. It’s easy to end up tens of thousands of dollars in debt with a niche degree such as anthropology, which won’t actually get you very far — perhaps to become a professor of anthropology or to search South America for that golden statue — the lost ark.

1. Love Working With People? Become a Registered Nurse.

Many schools offer online degree programs for those that want to become a registered nurse. Registered nurses make a median salary of $65,690, according to U.S. News & World Report, and the field is expected to undergo a shortage in the next few years. Those uninterested in nursing can still take advantage of the expanded medical industry by going into a related field, such as medical billing and coding.

2. Manage Your own Business With Business Administration.

Getting a degree in business administration is not only advantageous if you are interested in management fields, but it can also be worthwhile if you want to run your own business. Two quickly growing fields that require a business administration degree are the fields of personal finance and survey research.

3. Become a Systems Administrator or Network Administrator.

Jobs in the IT industry have been notoriously valuable. Network and system administrators are always in high demand, and they have historically been paid extremely well. The nature of these industries also means they can translate very well into an online learning format. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, network and systems administrators make a median salary of $69,160. The job outlook of the field also states that it is expected to grow 28 percent in the next decade, which is faster than average.

4. Get Legal With Paralegal Studies.

Paralegal Studies is an excellent degree for someone who is interested in the legal system but also wants to acquire their degree quickly. A paralegal degree is usually only an associate’s degree, which means it’s a simple two-year process. U.S. News reports that the median salary range for this field is $46,730, which is extremely good for a career that simply requires an associate’s degree.

5. Talk it out as a Public Relations Specialist.

If you’re an extremely outgoing person who always seems to know what to say, consider a degree in Public Relations. The PR field is expected to continue to grow throughout the next decade, and it involves many challenging marketing and psychology techniques. If you’ve always had an ability to sway the crowd to your side of thinking, this might be a natural position for you. CNN Money lists this career as one of the best jobs in America, with a median pay of $55,200 and a projected job growth of 22.5 percent over the course of ten years.

Author:  Manuel Eriksen

Manuel is a business writer who specializes in marketing and public relations.

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