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Entering the Real World After College

By: Debra Johnson

Midterms, finals, cafeteria food, and semester breaks are all components of college life. Having late night pizza or Walmart runs bring to mind the most pleasant memories. All of these components of your life are about to end or have just ended. Coming up are the days when you must enter the “real world of work and responsibility”as your parents, neighbors, and maybe even the professors have told you. Preferably you have contemplated in the months prior to graduation what you’d like to do once college is over. If you have not, then you need to make these decisions as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Where will you live?

Presumably you can return home with your parents. Communicate with your parents to find out if this is so. If your relationship is good, then most likely they will allow you to return home. You will most likely appreciate being able to return home as you probably realize by now that you are expected to provide for your own needs. (Plus you figured out that bills are real; they come in your name and not your parents.) If you can not live with your parents, scout out another family member with whom you can reside. Other options would be to rent a room or share an apartment.

How soon can you secure a job?

Luck or blessings will be on your side if you have been able to secure a job before college ends. Most college graduates sigh relief when they can go to work shortly after college ends. The paycheck gives them an opportunity to live on their own if necessary, build cash in their bank accounts, and pay off student loan debt. If you finish college and find yourself jobless, obviously you will be scouring the internet, perusing newspaper ads and attending job fairs. Too, you will be on the alert and asking friends and family about any job leads that would be suitable for you. Try becoming a member of less traditional community service organizations such as the Peace Corp or City Year. Remember as well, to consider volunteering, which can be an avenue for you to get into many organizations.

In short, solving the problems of where you will live and work are key to transitioning into the real world. True, the transition from college to the real world may be a little hair-raising at first. Nevertheless if you keep calm and remain focused on the tasks that need to be accomplished, you will easily find yourself in a manageable and hopefully pleasant routine in the real world.

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