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Career 100th Episode

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career-experts-talk-100th-episodeToday’s episode is special as we have finally reached the 100th episode. Unlike our regular weekly release, this time, we will go back to some of the episodes favored by our most faithful listeners and followers.

Over the past year or two, we’ve been developing this Top Career 100 list in an effort to guide parents and students alike in choosing the career path that best fits their children.

Through this journey, we’ve heard different stories from various professionals who have succeeded in their chosen field.  They each shared different tips and helpful information about their respective careers.

So let’s revisit some of the most memorable episodes, to many of which you might have already listened.  


Cliff Ravenscraft at 00:01 – Podcast Producer,Consultant & Coach

Jessica Rhodes at 00:08 – Founder and CEO at Interview  Connections

Sylvia Scott at 00:20 How to Survive High school with the help of a Mentor

John Ellison at 00:29 – FUNK  In The First  Degree

Dr. Thomas Lamar at 00:59Chiropractor

Chelsea Davis at 02:13

Catherine Kenyon at 02:28Museum Educator

Susie Miller at 02:51Expert’s advice on Parenting, College and Communication

David Hoff at 02:56 Human Resource Executive 

Phillip Carson at 03:03 Pharmacists

Mike Picchi at 03:16 Chief Financial Officer

Emily Rice at 03:46 Astronomer

Lori Horton at 04:17Forensic Accountant

Alexia Hudson-Ward at 04:47 Librarian

Brian Samuel at 05:21Rabbi

Renée Duff at 05:35Intellectual Property Attorney

Beth De Lima at 05:56 Corporate Consultant

Matthew Lyons at 06:23 Conservationist

Ander Frischer at 07:30Audio Content Specialists

J’Tia Taylor at 08:38 – Nuclear Engineer

Miguel  De  Jesus at 09:09 Executive Coach

Wayne Cresser at 10:06 University Professor

Helen Castillo at 10:18 Fashion Designer

Michelle Summers Colon at 11:10 Podiatrist

Aaron Marcus at 11:47Actor

Brian Hughes at 12:29 Hotel Manager

Douglas Rabeneck at 14:06 Industrial Engineer

Mike Wondolowski at 14:45Electrical Engineer

Lonnie McCaskill at 16:13 Zoologist

Eleanor Breen at 16:57Archaeologist

Paul Poteet at 17:42Meteorologists

Robert Passamano at 18:22 Orthodontist

Roy Barrett at 19:12 Minister

Tom Johnson at 20:02 Technical Writer

Kai Dupé at 21:01Software Engineer

Michael Marshall at 23:13 Computer Programmer

John Hinds at 24:06 Author

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