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014 Career100- Becoming a Pharmacist- An Interview with Dina Galanis

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This is another helpful edition of the Top 100 Careers from Felicia Gopaul. Don’t miss this interview with career expert Dr. Dina Galanis, who is going to talk about entering the Pharmacy industry. She is going to share helpful information for interested students who are thinking of pursuing a career as a pharmacist. Find out why this is an extremely rewarding profession.

Coming straight out of highschool, Dina Galanis went into Mario School of Pharmacy in New Brunswick, New Jersey and finished her six-year Pharmacy program. After completing her Doctorate in Pharmacy, she is now working full-time as a Pharmacist in the retail setting.

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Get to hear her story and compelling facts on being a Pharmacist and why this is definitely one of the Top 100 careers today. As Felicia and Dina discuss, Learn more about:

– What Pharmacists really do in their profession and the intricate role they play in the healthcare industry
– The flexibility of being a pharmacist which is more than just dispensing drugs at drugstores. Learn how this degree can be used in so many other venues
– How stable this career is because of high demands and so many ways to use your degree
– How you can advance in trainings, in ways that cater to your personal and career growth

Optimal healthcare has now been given a whole lot of attention. Thus, the Pharmacy industry continues to grow to this day. There is generally a very bright future for anyone interested in healthcare or Science and takes on the pursuit of being a Pharmacist. Learn more about it in this edition of the Top 100 Careers.

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