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004 Career100- Becoming a Recruiter- An Interview with Patricia Shives

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In this edition of the series of podcasts for Top 100 Careers, Felicia Gopaul interviews Patricia “Paty” Shives as she sheds light to the role of recruiting. Find out how this became one of the top 100 careers of the next decade and appreciate the real skill it takes to be a recruiter.

Paty Shives

Paty is the founder and President of  The Resultants, Inc. which offers recruiting and HR support to companies in the Bay Area. When she first worked for a consulting firm in Silicon Valley, she started utilizing her Business degree and International Business degree to gain experience in various areas of Sales, Marketing, PR responsibility, HR including a variety of recruiting endeavors.

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Listen as Paty lets us in on her road map to becoming a highly successful recruiter.

Discover more about:

– The critical roles of recruiting and the basic skill sets needed
– The different types of recruiters who fill different types of roles throughout the hiring process
– Recommended avenues where students who would consider a career in recruiting should focus
– The challenges and awards of being a recruiter
– Why Recruiting is in the Top 100 Careers for the decade

Don’t miss this exciting interview as experts Felicia and Patty shape your perception on the significant role of recruiting and the rise of demand for successful recruiters. Paty shared a number of resources for students that are looking to learn more about the industry below. She also recommends parents or students to check out The Adler Group. They offer recruiting boot camps for folks looking to get training in the recruiting industry.

Other Online Resources:

Recommended Books:

  • “Take this job & Sell It” by Richard Mackie
  • “The Recruiters Almanac” by Bill Radin
  • “Building the Talent edge: A Manger’s Guide to Recruiting the Best”
  • “The War for Talent” by Ed Michaels
  • “The Little Red Book of Sales” by Jefferey Gitomer
  • “Smart Staffing” by Wayne Outlaw
  • “The Headhunters Edge” by Jeffrey E. Christian
  • “Building Tomorrow’s Talent: A Practitioner’s Guide to Talent Management and Succession Planning” by Doris Sims and Matthew Gay

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