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008 Career100- Becoming a Jewel Designer- An Interview with Donna “Shimoda” Emanuel

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In this edition of Career 100 Podcast, Felicia Gopaul, talks with Shimoda, owner and publisher of  Shimoda Accessories about another of the Top 100 Careers – Jeweler.

I first saw Shimoda’s jewelry in 1997 when I was using “Jumping the Broom: The African-American Wedding Planner” to plan my wedding but did not meet her until 2007.  Her jewelry has been seen on numerous television shows including the Cosby Show, worn by entertainers including an Oscar Winner, a Grammy Winner and the former president of Spellman College, Jonnetta Cole. That is why Shimoda is today known as the Celebrity Jewelry Designer to the rich, famous and the wanting to be fabulous.

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Listen in as Felicia and Shimoda discuss the ins and outs of becoming a jewelry designer:

– Know why the profession does not necessarily require a college degree
– Know about the piece that she designed for First Lady Michelle Obama
– Learn about the thought process she goes through when designing her distinctive pieces
– Get the advice Shimoda shares with aspiring jewelry designers
– Know why Shimoda thinks being a jewelery designer is one of the top careers

If you have an interest in becoming a jewelry designer, you won’t want to miss this edition of the Career 100 Podcast.  And if you want some of the beautiful jewelry Shimoda’s designs, please visit Shimoda-Accessories.com to pick up a piece for your collection.

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