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Ask Felicia – Question and Answer

My husband got laid off and my daughter is about to start the senior year in college. Are there any scholarships or grants where she can get funding?

Thanks for your advice.

Rejini Ravindran
Dear Rejini,
You may not have time to get the scholarships and grants that you need at this point. My first suggestion is to go back to your daughter’s college and ask if the financial aid office can use “professional jjudgement” based on the fact that your husband was laid off. You may find the financial aid office is able to offer more in financial aid when they reevaluate your situation.

In addition, have your daughter look for scholarships from professional organizations in her major as well as scholarship opportunities based on your heritage. Also have her talk her department head to see if there are opportunities he/she know of that will help bridge the gap for her final year.

Based on your reduced income, you may also qualify for grants that you had not previously qualified for so make sure you’ve completed the financial aid forms.

Finally, in her final year you might also have your daughter take out the maximum amount of federal Stafford loans. Also look in some unlikely places for where you might draw money for college including borrowing or withdrawing it from cash value life insurance policies.

Good luck.

Dedicated to college success,

Felicia Gopaul
College Funding Resource

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