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Ask Felicia – Question and Answer


I have a very high balance on my college account from the past year. There were some financial aide mix ups. I am not able to register for my classes with this balance, and that permits me from continuing my education. I am a double major at UNC-Charlotte and would love to go further into recieving my degrees. I am seeking any knowledge you may have for funding to help me pay off my balance. I have been searching for over three months and have tried all the basics. I cannot seem to find any organizations or foundations who will help me either. Please help me find some help.

Thank you.

Dear Tasha,
I hate hearing stories like yours. Especially when I know that a little knowledge in advance might have kept you from being in this situation. For your information, I’ve been specializing in this area for more that 5 years and have not found any organizations that can help (give you money) either. But I have some ideas that you may be able to pursue.

See if you can take some of your core classes at a community college if your college will accept the transfer units so that you are continuing your education. Look for a paid internship where you can receive job skills that would pay more than minimum wage and prepare you for your first job after graduation. Challenge classes and do what you can to graduate in less than 4 years.

Spend time this school year looking for and applying for scholarships in your field of study. Many times student’s just look for scholarships prior to their first year in college and never look again. The fact of the matter, some scholarships are only awarded to sophomores, juniors and seniors. You should visit FastWeb and professional organizations that may offer scholarships both at the local and national level. Don’t be a scholarship snob and only apply for the “big” money scholarships. You may find you have better luck with the smaller denomination scholarships because you will have less competition.

Finally, from an employer’s point of view, obtaining a degree is often more important than graduating from a particular college. You need to determine whether you are committed to graduating from your current school or graduating with a degree. Making up your mind will keep this situation from becoming an on-going problem throughout your college experience at this school.

Dedicated to college success,

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