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Paying for College in Challenging Financial Times

It’s no secret that we are living in challenging financial times. No one is more aware of this than the parents of college bound students.

You are not only bare the brunt of your retirement plan evaporization, but also face shrinking college savings at the same time college tuitions keep rising. These issues combined with the complexity of getting your student into the right college present unique challenges for parents trying to send their kids to college.

It’s a Perfect Storm of differing objectives – parents needs versus students needs versus colleges needs.

Are you Suffering From the Middle Class Problem?

Much of the energy in the college planning process is focused on getting into the right college academically; so much so, that how college will be paid for occurs for many parents, like an after thought.

Middle to high income families have a problem. Their income, and the assets they have worked so hard to gather, keep them from getting the financial aid they desire. Since college is paid for with after-tax dollars, they have to earn or save almost double what they have to pay out in order to net what they need.

College Funding Resource has pulled together a brain trust of college planning experts, articles, videos, and other resources to cut through the clutter of available information to deliver directly to you the practical knowledge you need to make informed choices.

Why we are Uniquely Positioned to Help

There is an abundance of information about the college planning process available. But it is scattered and you have to find it, process it and apply it to your situation. Our vision is to gather together and deliver quality targeted information and solutions related to college directly to parents and students.

Our focus is on college funding.

College funding information is often limited to explanations of the various government programs, sources of scholarships and student loan information.

It is our fundamental belief that learning about college funding in advance can save parents and students time, money and frustration.

Who is College Funding Resource?

College Funding Resource has been exclusively helping parents evaluate the many options for paying for college available since 2003. We are your advocates – relentlessly pursuing affordable solutions to paying for college for parents everywhere.

Our core belief is that a college degree is an essential access point for our children in their ability to succeed in life.

If you believe that too, keep reading . . .

Whether you navigate the college funding process by yourself or seek out the expertise of a Certified College Planning Specialist, our website is designed to help you identify the factors that are relevant and important to your family when putting together a strategy for paying for college.

We want our website to be like sitting down with an expert, getting their best ideas without paying their considerable individual consulting fees.

Your budget and goals will help determine which college funding resource is right for your family.

Will your family be the next in our line of successes?

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