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Charitable Giving

 Help Save Our Students

College as I knew it ended with an argument with my mother.  One moment my mom was paying for all of my college expenses.  Next, one sentence from me and it was over.  I was now paying for my college education myself.


I can well remember the struggle, frustration and the fits and starts of finishing those last 2 years of college.  As a college funding resource company, we are aware of the many financial obstacles that keep students from completing their college education.


Finishing college could be one of the biggest milestones for today’s students. With a college diploma becoming the price of entry into many well-paying  jobs and careers, financial obtacles that prevent completing your degree are a growing problem.  


We are pleased to support a new generation of deserving students facing financial constraints that prevent or slow down their progress to college completion.  College Funding Resource (CFR) has pledged to support the Cal State East Bay’s “Save Our Students” (SOS) Scholarship fund and donate a portion of our revenue to support this worthy cause.


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