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About Us

It started with a $23,000 problem

I’d been a financial planner for 10 years when it happened. One day, a mother came into my office with a college acceptance letter in one hand and a financial aid award letter in the other. She was understandably proud of her son yet frustrated the college wasn’t offering the financial aid he needed.  There was a $23,000 gap between the cost of the college and what they were offering in financial aid.

As single parent, there was no way she could come up with $23,000.    She came to see how I might help her.  That day,  I learned how uninformed I was. The best I could offer was “you should have met me and started saving when your son was two.

Traditional financial planning doesn’t teach you college funding

My financial planning training up to that point began and ended with save, save, save. At the time, I was unaware of choices beyond taking on lots and lots of debt to pay for college – and nobody wanted to do that!

Fast-forward 10+ years

I educated myself on parent’s choices. I discovered the difference between getting into college . . . and graduating from college – is often having the money necessary to complete a student’s education. I also learned planning to pay for college starts much earlier than many parents realize. And proactive parents are more likely to have their kids graduate from college – without a ton of debt.  Proactive parents are also more likely to have different plans in place in case plan A doesn’t work out. 

A degree gives you choices

I followed in my dad’s shoes and became an accountant. I loved the numbers and putting together the pieces. With my degree, I was able to work in different industries including bio-tech companies, Stanford University, a jazz radio station and the estate planning department of a law firm.   At the law firm, I learned the value of planning and the positive impact it can have on a family’s life.

From accountant to financial planner

I become so interested in planning I changed careers to financial planning. Since then, I’ve been focused on planning – from retirement planning, to education planning to basic budgeting. What unifies all successful planning is time plus planning equals choices (T + P = C)™.

Your college planning begins with a simple choice, isn’t time you’ll took control of your college plans?


The Rest of the Team

Jereco Paloma

I attended college with a full grant from a private college that specializes in medical degrees in the southern part of the country. I graduated with a BS degree in Psychology.  Working with College Funding Resource gives me the opportunity to help fellow students acquire a good education in my own way.

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