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Good Day,
Hello. Thank you for responding to my ad on onlinejobs.ph. I had a number of people respond, so forgive me for not personally addressing you in this email. I have an US based company and am looking for a full-time employee to start very shortly.

I have a short process for anyone who is truly interested in the position. The second step is to:

1. Listen to the first 10 minutes of the podcast (unedited) found 7124321680-479071-30.
2. Please write a short summary in your own words (approximately 200 words) of the podcast. The summary should include:
a. A brief introduction of the interviewee
b. 1-2 points that you as a listener found interesting about the podcast.
c. A call-to-action so that listeners will come again to listen to additional podcasts.

You can see an example of a longer summary here. If still interested, please return your summary by 1/6/2012. The final step is a 15-20 minute Skype interview to give each of us a chance to ask questions.

I am looking for someone who is:
1. Hard-working
2. Has internet connection at home
3. Is interested and willing to learn new tasks (using a audio editing software)
4. Can follow directions and will ask questions if uncertain
4. Is available to be interviewed via Skype

Felicia Gopaul

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