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131 C100 Hattie Hassan – Plumber

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Over the past years, the society has transformed so much that women are now starting to do things and pursue careers that were previously dominated by men. One of these careers is plumbing. Plumbing involves a complicated and intricate system, which requires both hard work and competence.


Today’s guest is an experience plumber, and a woman at that. Everyone, let’s meet Hattie Hassan. With her Hattie_Hassanenthusiasm and interest in the field, she developed a career out of plumbing, a previously men-dominated career.

Hassan is an advocate of global water management, which became her mantra in her work as a plumber in the past two decades or so. She believes that there’s really no such a thing as shortage of water, all of the resources are all available and it’s just a matter of initiative and concerted effort to achieve ample supply of clean water.

Let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of the College Funding Resource, as she talks with Hassan and discuss interesting things about the career of a plumber, including:

  • what made her decide to leave her lucrative career and venture into plumbing
  • experiences she had in relearning a totally stranger career
  • how she combined her personal passion in her career
  • some of the challenges she encountered as a woman plumber
  • some of the things men can learn from a woman plumber know some of her advocacies

Hassan is currently connected with Stopcocks Women Plumbers. To know more about their group, you may visit their website at www.StopCocks.Uk.


To set an appointment with Felicia and discuss your financial situation with her, where you can ask any questions about your current condition, you may visit this link

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