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089 Career 100 Becoming a Rabbi – An Interview with Brian Samuel

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Despite what you may have planed for your life, sometimes you just have to accept what the Almighty has planned for you. This is the case of our guest for today’s edition of Top Career 100, Brian Samuel, a Messianic rabbi who unexpectedly found himself on a path he never imagined of taking.

brianGrowing up in a non-religious Jewish home in Long Island, NY, Brian Samuel was a proud and content electrical engineer and a self-confessed atheist. However, his spiritual view changed when he met his to-be wife, Sue, a devout Christian.

Confused as to how an atheist Jew can find common ground with a believing Christian, they researched if there is any religious system out there where Sue can maintain her faith in Jesus, while Brian can enjoy Passover meals with his family. The outcome of their research was Messianic Judaism, where Jesus is worshiped as Messiah and God, but within the constructs of the Jewish religion that Jesus Himself practiced.

As they said, the rest was history. In today’s interview series, let’s join Felicia Gopaul, president and founder of the College Funding Resource as she talks with Brian Samuel and cover interesting things about being a Messianic Rabbi, including:

  • How he made the transition from being an unbeliever to a rabbi.
  • What was the turning point that made him realize that he had the “calling” for the same spiritual mission that he is now taking?
  • What are the roles that he does as a rabbi in his congregation or community
  • How traditional Judaism and Messianic Judaism differ in various aspects?

Aside from being a rabbi, Brian also works for a private bank as well as a
board member of an Orphanage in Northern Haiti called Beth Chesed (House
of Kindness). Brian and Sue have been blissfully married for 17 years,
and live in Westerly, RI.

To know more about Messianic Rabbi and its Congregation you can visit IAMCS and Mishkahn David.org


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