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079 Career 100 Becoming a Firefighter – An Interview with Pete Mellits

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Real heroes dwell among us and contribute to our welfare and safety everyday. Among these unsung heroes, firefighters are often overlooked despite their enormous contribution and tremendous heroism.

In an earlier week, you heard Felicia Gopaul, president and founder of the College Funding Resource, interview a military officer who was also a clear example of living heroes.

Today, we will continue our interview series for the Top Career 100 featuring the career of firefighter with our guest Chief Pete Mellits.

During the day, Chief Mellits holds a typical civil engineer job. When he is off from work, Chief Mellits volunteers his spare time to save lives and properties by serving as a volunteer firefighter in the fire departments on local, state and federal levels.

In this week’s episode, listen to Felicia and Chief Mellits as they discuss important things about the career of firefighter, especially:

  • How he became a firefighter
  • What the differences are between a volunteer firefighter and a paid firefighter
  • How volunteer firefighters get compensated
  • What primary roles a firefighter plays in helping people in various situations
  • How important coping with the physical demand of the job is
  • What makes this career so rewarding to inspire so many people to join this career
  • How the latest technology and the advancement of electronics play a vital role in improving the delivery of the firefighter services
  • How to become a professional firefighter

Apart from their traditional role as putting out fire, rescuing people from dangerous situation, they also work in emergency medical services, arson investigation and other situations where their expertise is needed.

To know more about Mellits and those who wish to become a volunteer firefighter, you may visit their website at www.VolunteeriEMS.org or www.VolunteerFire.net.


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