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071 Career 100 Becoming a Management Consultant – An Interview with Tatiana Bredikin

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Management consulting is a unique niche that involves a broad range of business issues. These professionals primarily work with companies to achieve specific goals in a systematic manner.

Today, let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of the College Funding Resource, as she interviews management consultant guest for today, Tatiana Bredikin about her career as a management consultant.

Tatiana assists clients to effectively achieve their objectives. Over the years, Tatiana has supported nearly 100 non-profit, business and government organizations to succeed beyond their expectations.

Felicia and Tatiana will discuss many aspects about the career of management consultant, particularly:

  • What are the things that pushed Tatiana to pursue a career as a management consultant
  • What kind of problems she helps her clients solve
  • What are the ways or processes she usually employs to get things done
  • Important things about being a management consultant that those who aspire to become one should be aware of
  • How companies can save company resources by hiring a management consultant

Every company has unique and distinct problems that need immediate attention. Sometimes, it takes an outsider with a keen eye to discover the seemingly obvious problem that no one within the company has ever noticed. If you’re the kind of a person who loves working with different people and loves providing solutions to problems, then becoming a management consultant can be a good choice for you.


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