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070 Career 100 Becoming a University Professor – An Interview with Wayne Cresser

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Teaching is deemed as one of the most respected professions, especially in the case of college professors.  However, becoming a college professor entails a lot of prior preparation and personal development.

In today’s edition of the Career 100 Podcast interview series, we will be joining Felicia Gopaul, the President and Founder of College Funding Resource, as she interviews our college professor guest, Wayne Cresser.

Prof. Cresser began his teaching career at the Community College of Rhode Island while working as a journalist in the Providence, Rhode Island area. He received an M.A. from the University of Rhode Island in May of 1991 and began his 23-year career teaching full-time at Dean College.

Listen as Felicia and Prof. Cresser discuss important things about the career as a college professor, including:

  • What are the preparations he made to become a professor
  • Tips on a quick rise in status from a part-time instructor to a full-time professor
  • What are the qualities of a successful college professor
  • What pushed him to shift careers from journalism to academia

Dedicated professors help educate individuals in higher education to become productive members of the society. This edition of the Career 100 Podcast helps us understand why we need more dedicated and passionate professors for a well-educated society.


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