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064 Career 100 Becoming a Public Relations Executive – An Interview with Mickie Kennedy

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Good publicity not only boosts a company’s exposure, but also develops the brand for a business.  For most businesses, especially start-ups, bringing their services or information about the company to their target audience is vital.  Public relations companies and professionals provide such services to companies or public figures by being the messenger to the audience as well as the liaison to journalists.

In today’s edition of Career 100 Podcast, let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder of College Funding Resource, as she interviews our Public Relations (PR) Executive guest—Mickie Kennedy.

Mickie is the founder and president of www.ereleases.com, a company dedicated in promoting a business’ exposure and improving its public relations.  The company is one of the leaders in providing affordable press release writing and distribution services by specializing in combining email delivery to subscribing journalists.

He developed his company in 1998 with the belief that publicity shouldn’t be restricted to those with the deepest pocket.  Over the past 15 years, he has helped numerous clients obtained media coverage and major and minor publications nationwide, including the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Sun Times.

Today, let’s listen as Mickie talks about his career, particularly about:

  • How Mickie became a PR specialist
  • How he started his company way back in 1998
  • What are the services that his company does to solve their clients’ day-to-day problems
  • What are the core responsibilities of a PR specialist to become effective in this industry
  • The goals that motivate Mickie to serve their clients every day

To know more about Kennedy and his company, you may visit his website at www.eReleases.com.


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