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062 Career 100 Becoming a Meteorologists -An Interview with Paul Poteet

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The weather has significant influence on our lives from what to wear to whether to prepare for a flood or drought.  Meteorologists study and track the changes in weather to provide the forecast for the day and the long-term prediction of regional climate change that shape our many decisions.

Today, let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder of the College Funding Resource, to learn about becoming a meteorologist and insightful information about this career as she interviews our meteorologists guest Paul Poteet.

As a prominent part of central Indiana Media since 1982, Paul Poteet, “Indiana’s Weatherman,” is a meteorologist by profession and a morning drive radio character.  He can be heard on 6 radio stations every weekday.  His Webcam Weather is seen on six newspapers and entertainment web sites, including INDYSTAR dot com

In this edition of Career 100 Podcast, we will learn about the career of meteorologist, especially:

  • How his childhood interests brought him to pursue a career in meteorology
  • How he deals with the occasions when his predictions don’t happen
  • What are the things that actually change in today’s meteorologist with the absence of the latest gadgets and technology
  • Why he ended up in the mass media
  • How meteorologist view climate change
  • What career opportunities await to those aspiring meteorologists

If you’re interested in explaining natural occurrence using science in helping people plan and organize their lives, becoming a meteorologist is the work option for you.

To know more about Paul Poteet and access to his daily shows, visit his website at Paul Poteet.com and The Weather History Research.


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