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050 Career100-Becoming a Loan Officer- An Interview with Edward Sauriol

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Most people who are eyeing for a loan might be familiar with Loan Officers. However, many people are still unaware of what Loan Officers do. In this edition of Top 100 Careers Podcast, join Felicia Gopaul as she talks with a professional Loan Officer Ed Sauriol, and find that there’s more to this career other than screening and evaluating loan applications.

Edward Sauriol is a 37-year veteran in the mortgage and banking industry. His experience includes over two decades in mortgage sales management, and over three decades in mortgage and construction lending. Ed is experienced in underwriting residential loans, and appraisals. He understands the complexities of the self-employed borrower whether they are organized as a corporation, partnership, or LLC. Ed thinks like an underwriter, evaluates like an appraiser, and solves problems like a sales manager. His goal is to bring thoughtful answers and unique products to the market. As a newly licensed loan originator, his product line is seemingly endless. He offers the products needed and possess the wisdom and patience necessary to explain them.

Listen to what is in store for you in this edition of the Career 100 Podcast. Gather valuable information and learn more about:

-Ed’s personal and professional journey that led him to study and be successful in this field
– Things that Loan Officers deal with on a daily basis
– How changes in the industry and the Federal government affect this career
– What wakes him in the morning to serve his clients and what keeps him up at night
– Ed’s advice to aspiring students who want to take this career path
– Why this is considered as one of the Top 100 Careers of the decade

In times of any financial need, applying for loan is one of the many solutions that most people tend to resort to. However, not all people who apply for loan get their applications approved. Behind every loan application, there’s a loan officer who screens and evaluates. But before becoming a Loan Officer, anyone interested must learn the needed preparations. This is what this interview is about. Don’t miss this edition of the Career 100 Podcast

If you want to know more about Edward Sauriol and want to contact him for more information, visit this Page. You can also email Ed at ed.sauriol(at)yahoo.com, or contact him directly at 3607910800.

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