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046 – Confessions of a Scholarship Reader

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A student’s academic performance in high school is not the sole determinant of his success in obtaining college scholarships.  While good academic performance in high school matters in applying for scholarships, the know-hows in finding for the right scholarships can really make a difference.

In this week’s edition of the College Experts Talk (CET) interview series, we are graced by a veteran scholarship reader.  She not only is knowledgeable in the best practices in finding good scholarships, but also has applied these strategies in her own search of scholarships.

Let’s all welcome Norma Evanoff, a self-confessed scholarship junkie who’s knows the ins and outs of finding and winning the right scholarship for the right student. She will be interviewed by the founder and president of the College Funding Resource, Felicia Gopaul, as they explore some interesting and timely facts about finding and earning a scholarship.

Some of the highlights of this interview include:

  • How she started reading scholarship applications?
  • What are the criteria that she particularly considers in a successful scholarship application?
  • How important it is for her to have completed an education.
  • What are the things that she looks for when she’s reading scholarship applications?
  • What are the three important items that are vital in considering a scholarship?
  • Key steps in preparing for scholarship applications.
  • What aspects play an important role in winning scholarships?
  • What are the common mistakes students make with their scholarship applications?
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