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038 – How to talk Finance with Millennials

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Last week, on our 101th episode of the Top Career 100, we had a Certified Financial Planner (CFR) professional discussed the importance of financial literacy. This week, on our College Expert Talk (CET) interview series, we will continue our discussion about how important it is to be financially literate.  This time we will focus on educating the younger generation.

Knowing the proper way to deal with money is as significant as acquiring the knowledge to make money.  Young adults who will soon be joining the workforce need the skills and knowledge to handle the incoming they are about to earn.

Let’s listen to Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of the College Funding Resource as she interview Kate Holmes of the Belmore Financial for this week’s CET episode.

After graduating from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia with a BA in Photography, Kate returned to the Pacific Northwest to work for an investment management firm.  She became a Certified Financial Planner and worked her way up to being a shareholder.

After almost eight years, she left to launch Belmore to usher in the next generation of financial planning.  Kate decided not to manage assets, and have never sold financial products to avoid any conflicts of interest with her clients.

Listen to Felicia and our expert guest as they talk about interesting aspects of financial planning for the youngsters, including:

  • How she got interested in financial planning and how she made the transitions on her career? 
  • How millennials and babyboomers differ in terms of financial decisions, commitment, and their interest?
  • How today’s millennials manage their finances?
  • Common mistakes that millennials make with their finances and how to address them.
  • Her long term goal in improving Millennials’ Financial Literacy.

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