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030 – Confessions of A Former College Snob – How to Build a College List

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Working directly with students and parents about finding the right school means dealing with a lot of problems and concerns in varying degree.  Yet, this is why it’s fun to be a career/admissions counselor.

Today’s edition of College Expert Talks features Evelyn Alexander, who serves as a volunteer admission recruiter for John Hopkins for 15 years.  She represents schools at college fairs where she interviews students, visits high schools, and trains other alumni around the country to volunteer in these capacities.

Alexander holds a bachelor’s degree from John Hopkins University, a Master’s of Arts from the George Washington University, and a certificate of college counseling with distinction from UCLA.  She uses everything she has learned, as well as years of experience, in educating her clients about the best approach in getting a quality education.

With her works as a college admissions counselor, Alexander has to solve and address certain issues about college admission that most parents and students failed to recognize.

She helps students optimize their high school achievements and activities to present a competitive application to colleges and universities.

Learn more about Alexander and what she does with this interview, particularly:

  • What are the most important points to consider when selecting schools
  • Mistakes that students/parents usually commit when selecting schools
  • How admissions counselors can help parents and students come up with a better decision
  • Why it is necessary nowadays for students to apply for as many schools as they want

To know more about Alexander and her works, you may want to visit their website at Magellan Counselling.

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