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028 – Instilling the Value of Education in Children

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The love for learning is probably one of the most important values that parents can teach their children. Knowledge is the power that helps anyone achieve their individual life goal. Having a good education opens the door to many opportunities for a person.

Several weeks ago, Felicia Gopaul, the president and founder of College Funding Resource, interviewed her mother—Lula Caldwell—who talked about the importance of education from a parent’s perspective.

Today’s edition of College Expert talk is quite unique. We will join Felicia as she interviews her two young daughters—Alexis and Morgan—as they discuss how important education is from the students’ point of view.

In this edition of College Expert Talk podcast, Felicia and her daughters will discuss about:

  • Her kids’ interests
  • Why the children think education is so important
  • What kind of things interest them at the moment
  • Why preparing a child for college is so important for their own good

It’s never too early to condition and to prepare children for their college life. However, this must be done in moderation so as the child still enjoys all the things that every child should enjoy at their age.

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  1. Quite informative post. The value of education is really quite tough to define. The more children learn, the more valuable they will become. Education is actually a way to a better life.

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