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020 Career100- Becoming a Sociologist- An Interview with Dr. Roberta Spalter-Roth

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The world is facing major social changes. How are individuals and groups of people affected, and what happens during these changes? That’s when a Sociologist comes into the picture as a person who studies and analyses the changes and its effects on different populations.

Here is another episode of the Top 100 Careers where Felicia Gopaul interviews Sociologist Dr. Roberta Spalter-Roth. Dr. Spalter-Roth will be providing valuable insight on becoming a Sociologist and why she thinks this Career is one of the Top 100 of the decade.

Dr. Roberta M. Spalter-Roth got her Ph.D from The American University and is now the Director of the American Sociological Association- Research Department. Prior to ASA, she has been responsible for developing carrying out sociological research projects for over 25 years, including 10 years as Research Director at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Together with her esteemed colleagues, her most recent publications include: “Mothers in Pursuit of Ideal Academic Careers” (2012); “Love Teaching, Hate Assessment.” (2011); “The Impact of Cross-Race Mentoring on Ideal and Alternative PhD Careers in Sociology;” “Networks and the Diffusion of Cutting-Edge Teaching and Learning Knowledge in Sociology” (2011); “ASA’s Bachelor’s and Beyond Survey: Findings and their Implications for Students and Departments.” (2010); and “Bridging the Gap: Research Collaboration between Engineers and Sociologists” (2008).

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Listen to this edition of the Career 100 Podcast. Get expert advice and learn more about:

– Dr. Spalter-Roth’s background and professional journey towards becoming a success in her chosen field and what she likes about being a Sociologist
– An in-depth role definition and career structure of a Sociologist, some suggested paths and what somebody needs to become a Sociologist
– Major opportunities and demand for Sociologists
– The trends and changes going in the field of Sociology today
– Why becoming a Sociologist is considered one of the Top 100 Careers of the decade

In the words of Dr. Spalter-Roth “You don’t change society without some knowledge. You have to have a broader understanding than just a desire to help.” All of us want to make a difference in the world. By becoming a Sociologist, you will have an opportunity not just to make a change, but analyse them as well, to help us understand how the world works and how society adapts. Don’t miss this edition of the Career 100 Podcast.

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