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016 Career100- Becoming a Social Worker – An Interview with Ahmon’dra McClendon

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To know more about the field of Social Work, here is another edition of the Top 100 Careers from Felicia Gopaul. Listen as she interviews guest Ahmon’dra McClendon on being a Social Worker. This is not only one of the Top Careers of the decade, but also a very fulfilling one as well.

Ahmon’dra (Brenda) McClendon, MSW, is a demonstration of “Passionate Living” in action. She opened Adisa Enterprises, a Professional Consulting Service and Ahmondra, Inc, a training and development firm because it has always been her dream to create healthy environments where individuals learn to overcome their limitations. With more than 30 years of experience in human services delivery, Ahmondra conducts trainings for Social workers, Mental Health Professionals and foster parents. She is a Certified Master Facilitator at Motivating the Teen Spirit company. She is also a published author with over 10 published books about uplifting human condition. Through her companies, she offers personal coaching, interactive workshops, seminars and structured groups that support personal and professional development.

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Listen to this podcast and get inspired with Ahmon’dra’s story. Here you will learn more about:

– Ahmon’dra’s inspiring journey – a story of victim turned victory and how she continually testifies her victorious life to various families and individuals
– How Social Work became the perfect avenue for her in creating a bigger impact to society
– The skills you need and will eventually develop when you pursue a career in Social Work
– Tips that will keep you from burning out in your work
– The many career opportunities that will open up for you as a Social worker since the field of Social work is now being called upon by non-traditional areas like in business.

Social Work Field is very much expansive beyond anyone’s knowledge. There are lots of different areas that you can go and so many different skills that you will develop for your personal growth. Don’t miss this edition of the Top 100 Careers as the more information you know, the more power you have in your life.

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