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014 CET- How to be Successful in College

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Getting into college is just the beginning. What happens after enrollment? This podcast will help you navigate your way through college and see yourself, not just through graduation, but through life in general. Felicia Gopaul interviews guest Dr. Sharon McNicol who would be sharing valuable insights on how to be successful in college.

Dr. McNicol has completed numerous studies in Psychology. She has a Doctorate in Clinical and School Psychology and a couple of Masters in other different types of psychology. She was a professor for about 10 years at St. John’s University in New York and Howard University in Washington D.C. Dr. McNicol is the perfect expert for this podcast as she has worked with graduate and undergraduate students who have had challenges in getting through the system. Primarily of Caribbean descent but now lives in the United States, she has come to understand the struggles of education from an International perspective and at the same time sees the strength in the American school system.

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Listen now and get more out of this podcast. Learn about:

– A background on the state of education in America
– The value and expectations of going into college and how students should prepare themselves for mental and social development
– Working your way out of the struggles you face in college
– How to take advantage of all resources that you have in college
– The importance of parent-student partnership towards success in college

Being successful in college is not just about showing up in classes, but it’s about preparing yourself beforehand. Discipline is also a valuable way to prepare when going through the learning process of college. Start the process now and take advantage of all resources available to you. Don’t miss this edition on the College Experts Talk.

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Random Plug of the Week:
I would like to give a shoutout to Deborah Figart, director of Stockton Center for Economic and Financial Literacy (SCEFL). The Center houses the southern regional office of the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education (NJCFE)which is an organization designed to improve financial literacy for New Jersey citizens by promoting teaching personal finance to people of all ages. Deborah is committed to the whole concept of financial literacy and student loan debt. I am looking forward to have her as a guest in this podcast series.

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