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011 CET- Why You Must Seek Out College Alumni

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Here is another valuable podcast from Felicia Gopaul together with guest Jacqueline Wisner. Our experts will be addressing students and parents about what they need to do in terms of getting ready for Alumni interviews. Listen in and get some applicable tips straight from an Alumni recruiter when applying to colleges and universities.

Jacqueline Wisner is an Alumni recruiter from Brown University and began doing this work about 15 years ago. She has always enjoyed her experience especially her participation in educational work. Being part of the Brown club, she started as a volunteer and has loved every minute of her experience as an Alumni Recruiter since.

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This podcast mainly covers the Brown process of Alumni interviews but it is still generally applicable to a lot of Colleges and Universities today. Get more about the process and Learn helpful insights such as:

– Basic guide to the whole process of Alumni interviews and the role of Alumni recruiters
– The necessary preparations prior to the interviews
– Common mistakes students make when coming face to face with an Alumni recruiter
– The advantages of talking to an Alumni recruiter and the value of his/her recommendations in your college applications

When applying for the right Colleges and Universities, it’s all about preparation. The earlier your preparations start, the better chances for you getting into the college campus you want. Gather as much resources as you can and seize great opportunities for your future. Don’t miss this edition of the College Experts Talk.

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