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010 CET- College Funding specifically for Athletes

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For student athletes, getting into college requires more than just enhancing one’s athletic abilities to get a scholarship. More work needs to be done and so, to aid you further on the details, here is Felicia Gopaul and guest Chuck Moore who will be discussing the things you need to know about College funding for athletes.

Chuck Moore

Chuck Moore is the President and Founder of Educational Literacy and Student Athletic centers in Kentucky. He has a lot of certifications under his belt including: College Planning specialist, Cash flow consultant, and Athletic Marketing consultant, among others. Chuck has more than 26 years of experience, helping families in the areas of college financial literacy and athletic marketing issues. He’s also been approved to teach Professional Development classes for Guidance Counselors, Principals, Athletic Directors and School Administrators in the states of Kentucky and South Carolina.

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This podcast, specifically for athletes, will deepen one’s understanding on college funding. But even if you’re not a student athlete, we still invite you listen. Get some valuable information and learn more about:

– The process of marketing students who are looking for athletic scholarships to the colleges they are interested in
– Why student athletes should take a proactive role when evaluating schools and what kind of plans they need to make
– The common misconceptions that student athletes and their families face all the time
– The exact definition of college scholarships, the way they really work and how to use them for the student’s  benefit
– Why a taxable scholarship is more beneficial than a tax free scholarship
– The importance of academics over athletics

Again, it’s all about taking the proactive role in the college application process. This not only helps you create good college opportunities, but can also aid you in the real world of job applications. Don’t miss this edition of the College Experts Talk.

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