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004 CET- Head Start for Parents who have more than four years

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Yet again, another addition to your learning playlist: Felicia Gopaul and Gwendolyn Moore talking about the College application process, College Funding, and other important matters that parents need to know as early as possible.

Gwendolyn Moore

Guest Gwendolyn Moore is a mother to daughter, young Acacia. Gwen, like any other parent, regards Education as very important and would do all things possible to send her daughter to college. She and her husband were the first in their respective families to finish college and they don’t want their daughter to experience the same kind of financial struggle they had to face and overcome.

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Tune in to this amazing exchange of questions and answers as both Felicia and Gwen address topics in a parent’s point of view. Learn more about:

– The cost of college and how you are not necessarily required to pay for the whole thing
– Finding a good partnership—between parents, students and schools
– Knowing the direction of where your child wants to go, the deal with SAT scores, the depth of extra curricular activities and how important all of these are
– Common misconceptions on scholarships , and the whole College investment

Getting into and graduating College is a process. The more you learn about the process, the better results you have. It’s all about being well prepared to get your child to college, so don’t miss this edition of the College Experts Talk.

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