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Product: CandidCareer.comMonthly and Annual Video Subscriptions
Get insights into hundreds of careers from current professionals.Starting as low as $19.99/3 months.
Summary Get access to 3000+ videos sorted by professions, interests and related careers. Watch the entire interview or if you’re pressed for time, watch 2 minute excerpts where the interviewees answers 5 basic questions about their chosen careers. Whether you are researching positions for your first job interview, returning the workforce after an absence or simply considering changing careers, the videos will help you Stand Out, Find New Careers and Get Job Offers.
What you will learn Main learning – Discover different careers based on your interests – Land the job of your dreams with the information gained from the video interviews. -Uncover in-demand careers that prepare you for opportunities after college graduation
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Videos – Subscriptions

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Career Video Subscriptions
Use the videos to learn how to stand out and get your next job
Get paid what you WORTH in the EXACT job you want
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