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127 C100 Allison Bianco – Printmaking Artist

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Allison’s work in printmaking features Rhode Island iconography to express a personal connection to her home Allison_Biancostate and its industrial, maritime, and coastal heritages. To ensure the quality of her output, she adds both humor and drama to these narrative prints, impending storms threaten fragile, unaware characters in their colorful scenes.

Each week, the College Funding Resource aims to provide its audience an opportunity to learn about different careers featured in its weekly Top Career 100. This week, the career of printmaking as it takes the center stage as we dig deeper into this interesting career with our guest Allison Bianco.

Allison is specifically interested in the Japanese culture as evidenced in her works. In fact, she takes inspiration from iconic Japanese architecture and sceneries. For instance, Hiroshige’s Fireworks over Ryogoku Bridge 1856-58 pictures images of Edo that are all but disappeared, living only in the dreams of present day Tokyo.

Let’s get to know Allison in her interview with Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of the College Funding Resource. Here are some of the highlights of Felicia’s interview with Allison:

  • how her ‘passion’ in the arts developed, specifically with printmaking
  • learn the basic process of printmaking
  • her advice to students who are eyeing to pursue a career in the arts, especially in printmaking
  • What motivated her to strive as a fine arts student
  • learn some tips to succeed in fine arts as a career

Visit Allison Bianco’s personal website to see more of her portfolio. 


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