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114 C100 Megan Harrington – Mechanical Engineering

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Many of the machines that make our daily lives convenient are the results of many mechanical engineers’ hard work.  Mechanical engineers are professionals who create products that move from design to manufacturing.  They can develop either a small part of a moving product or an entire system to produce other items.  Mechanical engineers need to possess a wide variety of knowledge to create and test mechanical and thermal devices.

Today, we are graced by a professional and practicing mechanical engineer—Megan Harrington, a veteran mechanical engineer.

With Felicia Gopaul, the founder and president of the College Funding Resource, let’s listen to this week’s episode of the Top Career 100 interview series featuring the profession of mechanical engineer.

Megan is currently connected with Lockheed Martin Test Operations Contract (TOC) at NASA’s Stennis Space Center (SSC), located in Mississippi. She’s involved in supporting the static testing of liquid propellant engines at SSC, through facility systems design and analysis.

Part of her main responsibilities include system analyses of cryogenic, non-cryogenic, vacuum to ultra-high-pressure (UHP) propellant storage, run, distribution and discharge systems for existing facilities, Special Test Equipment (STE), and Ground Support Equipment (GSE).  Prior to this current position, she conducted thesis research at the University of Queensland Centre for Hypersonics (CfH), where she investigated high-speed scram jet propulsion and shock wave propagation.

The highlights of this interview series are:

  • Her personal journey in becoming a mechanical engineer.
  • Why she chose this career among all the sub-fields in engineering?
  • What are some of the day-to-day responsibilities of a mechanical engineer?
  • What are the steps in becoming a mechanical engineer?
  • Why being a mechanical engineering as a profoundly rewarding profession?

To know more about Harrington, you may visit her website at www.EngineerGirl.Org.


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