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103 C100 Debbie Potts – Teacher Assistant

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Teachers’ instructions involve lots of preparation outside of class, and much discussion during lessons.  Teacher assistants are therefore necessary to help facilitate small group discussion, provide pre-lesson preparation, and tutor students who need extra attention.  

In this week’s edition of the Top Career 100 interview series, we’re graced by a teacher assistant guest—Debbie Potts. Debbie is often described by her colleagues as a dedicated teacher’s assistant who loves her work every day.

Her passion in teaching all started some 11 years ago when her oldest child started kindergarten. Out of her unwillingness to let her daughter go, couple with her desire to be involved in the classroom, Debbie began to volunteer at school.

Soon after that, the principal approached her for a TA position he felt she would be great for. The rest is history. Debbie enjoys most aspects of the job, and continues to teach long after her children left school. She especially enjoys helping the students with their reading and speech.

In today’s interview, let’s join Felicia Gopaul, president and founder of the College Funding Resource, as she interviews Debbie to discuss valuable information about the career of a teacher assistant, including:

  • How she started as a teacher assistant
  • What are the cardinal rules and principles that TAs have to know
  • What roles do TAs play in the learning development of their pupils
  • How they work with pupils with learning difficulties or a disability
  • What makes TA so rewarding and a promising career?

Debbie is blessed with children and has been happily married for 20 years to Ron.


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