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098 C100 Phillip Carson – Pharmacists

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Pharmacists are trained in the field of health care science with emphasis on the importance of proper use of medications in curing patients with varying health conditions.  Nowadays, pharmacists also provide advice on healthy lifestyle, perform health screenings, administer immunizations, and explain to patients drug safety and side effects.

In today’s edition of the Top Career 100 Podcast, our guest is an unorthodox pharmacist Dr. Philip Carson.

Dr. Carson is the president of Carson Natural, LLC. As a pharmacist by profession who holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy, he believes in helping people find natural alternatives and integrative medicine solutions to their health problems. Part of his belief is to help people find the root cause of their individual health problems rather that just treating the apparent symptoms.

Dr. Carson is known by his peers as someone who thinks outside the box and beyond the realm of traditional medicine. He is passionate about helping people get healthy by encouragement and equipping them with basic knowledge to make educated choices.

Let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of the College Funding Resource, LLC as she interviews Carson and discuss interesting facts about the career of pharmacy and becoming a pharmacist, including:

  • What pushed him to pursue a career in pharmacy
  • How natural pharmacists differ from traditional pharmacists  in terms of medical treatment
  • Quick tips on how people manage should their health effectively
  • Common health issues that most people are facing nowadays
  • How pharmacists contribute in solving these problems
  • How nutritional deficiency affects human health
  • Why one should consider a career in pharmacy

To know more about Dr. Carson, you may visit their website here


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