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094 C100 Emily Rice – Astronomer

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For as long as humans have been fascinated by any natural phenomenon in the sky, astronomy has been around to explain it. Astronomers are scientifically trained to study celestial bodies beyond earth and to explain the impact of any of their activities to earth.

Felicia Gopaul CFR-emilyrice

Today’s guest, Emily Rice, has been teaching and researching in the field of astronomy on a college level. She studies low mass stars, brown dwarfs, & exoplanets by studying their spectra and modeling their atmospheres.

In this edition of the Top Career 100 Podcast, let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of the College Funding Resource, as she talks with our astronomer guest as they discuss interesting things about this career, including:

  • Why studying astronomy is so important in today’s society?
  • What are some of the things that astronomers investigate or study?
  • What are exoplanets what advice she can give to students who are interested in the field
  • What are some of the skill sets that a prospect student should have to succeed in this field
  • Why she considers happiness and fulfillment as the key things to any career

To know more about Rice, you may visit their websites at Cuny Astro and STARtorialist


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