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086 Career 100 Becoming a Corporate Consultant – An Interview with Beth De Lima

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Corporate consultants offer professional services aimed to help businesses develop or achieve goals that lead to general success.  Their services can be focused on a specific area that affects the overall performance.  Human resource consultants specialize in this area to help businesses maintain a healthy employer-relationship and avoid labor disputes.


Today’s guest, Beth Brascugli De Lima, is a nationally certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources with a Beth_De_Limastate-specific certification in California (SPHR-CA) by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and has been appointed to sit on the Employee Health, Safety, and Security Special Expertise Panel.

Currently working as the president and principal of HRM Consulting, Inc., De Lima is also a certified mediator through the UC Berkeley Extension program and has been appointed to the Amador County Superior Court Mediation Panel.

Let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of the College Funding Resource as she interviews De Lima while they talk about the career of a corporate consultant, especially:

  • Valuable information on employment regulations, compliance, and litigation
  • Key facts about the American Disability Act that every employer should know
  • What are the basic legal rights that female employees have regarding their wages
  • Why knowing one’s worth is very essential in having a meaningful and successful career
  • What are the basic services she provides for employers and employees
  • What are common challenges that HR professionals have

Professionals just like De Lima, are vital both for employers and employees alike.  They provide services geared toward preventing lawsuits against companies or employers, and ensure safeguard of employee rights and avoidance of abuse.

To know more about Beth De Lima and her career visit her website at HRM Consulting Inc.



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