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083 Career 100 Becoming an Advertising Sales Manager – An Interview with Rick Cretarola

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When choosing a career, individuals interested in a particular career should seriously consider matching his/her own personality and skill sets to those demanded by the industry. A career in advertising sales is no exception. Since advertising plays a vital role in every business’ success and growth, more and more people have become interested and have joined this exciting industry.

Let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of College Funding Resource, as she interviews today’s guest for Top Career 100 Podcast: Advertising Sales Manager — Rick Cretarola.

Rick Cretarola is the Advertising Sales Manager for Newport Life Magazine in Newport, RI. He has over 30 years experience consulting in advertising, marketing and media, and has a B.A. in Marketing & Communications.

Rick is a Certified Marketing Consultant and is a part of the Radio Association of Broadcasters. He has had a long broadcasting career. He was an on-air personality with various stations in New England in the 80’s & 90’s.

In today’s interview series of Top Career 100 Podcast, Felicia and Rick will be talking about key points about the career and works of an advertising sales manager, including:

  • What are the primary roles that an advertising sales manager plays?
  • Why is advertising/marketing so important to every company?
  • What are the common mistakes that businesses do, which contribute to business failure?
  • How professionals, such as Rick, can help in solving these issues?
  • Learn more about Rick’s personal journey in becoming an advertising sales manager.
  • What are the core tips/points Rick can give to aspiring advertising professionals?

To know more about Rick and his company, you may visit their website at www.newportri.com


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