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076 Career 100 Becoming a Nuclear Engineer – An Interview with J’Tia Taylor

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Engineering is applied everywhere in our lives from our homes to the roads where we drive.  However, the mere term “engineering” oftentimes is intimidating as a career choice, especially to young people.

Our nuclear engineer guest for today found the field of engineering fascinating.  It prompted her to pursue this as a life-long career.  With her passion in math and science as a child, she developed a solid foundation for her future endeavor in the field of engineering.

In this week’s edition of the Top Career 100, let’s join Felicia Gopaul, president and founder of the College Funding Resource, as she interviews nuclear engineer — J’Tia Taylor.

J’Tia has a vibrant personality and possesses the uncanny ability to speak to anyone about a myriad of topics.  They range from international nuclear negotiations to the latest reality show (Real Housewives of Atlanta is a favorite).

In fact, she said, “I can talk to anyone whether you’re strange or just a stranger.”

As a former model and current nuclear engineer J’Tia has found herself in an array of situations.  For instance, she once checked Tom Brokaw during a role play exercise while interviewing to be a White House Fellow. She says she didn’t even think about who she was as she “went off on instinct.”

JíTia holds a doctorate in nuclear engineering from the University of Illinois and works as a nonproliferation specialist at Argonne National Laboratory.

In this interview series, we will learn fascinating facts about the field of engineering, particularly on being a nuclear engineer, such as:

  • How she got started as a nuclear engineer
  • How she inspires other women in pursuit of a career in nuclear engineering
  • Various applications of nuclear engineer in the field of medicine, agriculture and political science
  • Common misconceptions that people have about nuclear engineering
  • Why nuclear engineering is a great career opportunity
  • Role of nuclear engineers in securing country’s security and safety
  • What nuclear non-proliferation is and its effects on ordinary people

To know more about J’Tia, you may visit her website at www.iamjtia.com for latest information about her works and related information.


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