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054 Career100 Becoming a Parole Officer – An Interview with Michael Wynne

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For most people, being sentenced for a criminal offense may be one of the darkest parts to a man’s life. In several aspects, this can be very true but with the help of many professionals working in salvaging offenders to be a healthy member of the society, this experience can be less traumatic and difficult to both the offender as well as to the aggrieved party.

With life’s complexities and other challenges, some people may figure their selves on a situation that might put them violating rights of other people or to the state leaving them answerable to laws. But does it mean the state should do nothing to attempt in salvaging them and bringing them back to be a productive member of the society but at the same time ensure the victims’ and their families’ safety?

This is just one of the areas that parole officers deal with every single day. Parole officers are counselors, mentors, spiritual advisors, teacher, life couch, etc rolled in to one.

Michael Wynne has been a Louisiana State Probation & parole Officer (for adult offenders) for 34 years. Michael currently serves as District Administrator of the Alexandria District Office which supervises offenders in 6 central Louisiana parishes. He’s also currently serves as District Representative (District 7) representing Louisiana and several other states for the American Probation& Parole Association (APPA). Michael was formerly a District Representative of CAMA (Correctional Accreditation Managers Association) and was the former President of the Historical Association for Corrections (HAC). He is the only accredited P&P Officer with the American Correctional Association (ACA) and is the only approved nation-wide Correctional Auditor with P&P in Louisiana.

Mr. Wynne has published several articles on corrections with ACA, HAC and other journals. He is the only P&P Officer in Louisiana to have been awarded the LA Civil Service Award. He has been recognized with many awards, in and outside of Louisiana, most notably in Louisiana with the P&P Supervisor of the Year Award and 3 Secretary’s Awards of Excellence. He currently serves on 2 gubernatorial-appointed Commissions.

Listen to what is in store for you in this edition of the Career 100 Podcast. Gather valuable information and learn more about:

• What are the key backgrounds to become an effective parole officer?
• How a parole officer can help offenders get back to their lives under supervision?
• How the works of a parole officer and that of a probation officer vary?
• What makes his personal experience as a parole officer in Louisiana a unique one?
• What are the differences between the works of a parole officer as opposed to other law enforcement officers and why that his job a tough one in some instances?
• How his work as a parole officer impacted lives of many offenders and their families?

Wynne is just one of those selfless individuals who devote their professional and personal lives to make a difference in the society by transforming offenders and bringing them back as fruitful members of the society while serving their sentence. Their main objective is to make society a safer place to live in while ensuring that offenders who are eligible to live outside comply with the laws. If you want to be our country’s parole officers, listen to this podcast with our guest, Michael Wynne.


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