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053 Career100-Becoming an Electrical Engineer- An Interview with Mike Wondolowski

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Did you know that virtually anything that people use these days involves electronics? From the smartphones to coffeemaker that make our lives easier and more convenient, these things share a commonality: electronics.


But before these things reach our hands or our kitchens, several people are spending months or even years just toMike_Wondoloski produce a prototype for these devices. One of them are electrical engineers.

In this edition of Top Career 100 interview series, join Felicia Gopaul as she interviews our Electrical Engineer guest Mike Wondolowski and let’s learn how his childhood fascination with the living world pushed him to become an electrical engineer.

Mike Wondolowski works as an electrical engineer for Zebra Technologies in Agoura Hills, California. He has a BS from UC Berkeley, and an MS from UC Santa Barbara, and 25 years of industry experience.

He has held positions in design, applications engineering, validation engineering, and management. His work has included avionics, communications, and computer chipsets and systems.

Listen to what is in store for you in this edition of the Career 100 Podcast. Gather valuable information and learn more about:

–          How Wondolowski’s interest in science and the living world motivated him to become an electrical engineer

–          How his childhood interests created an impact in his choice of profession in his later life

–          What are the misconceptions on being an electrical engineer and how he managed it

–          How his love to make things work, which he learned while he was growing up, made him a good electrical engineer

–          How children of today can prepare for their career especially to become an electrical engineer

–          How parents can help to motivate their children love science and other disciplines that will enable their children succeed in the field of science

From his love for science and the living world, Wondolowski found his way to become a successful electrical engineer. This only means that most of the successful professionals and scientist we have today and even in the entire history started their journey to that field as a child. Wondolowski’s story is a clear proof that a very deep foundation and an innate love for a certain thing will help children figure out that they want to become and succeed in that field. This also teaches parents to encourage their children become what they want to be and do things they love doing even when they were just a kid.

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