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049 – Why College is Not a Waste of time?

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Education has long been the vehicle for social and economic upward mobility.  The success and strength of a nation are often closely related to the prevalence of its education.  The more common education is in a given nation, the more productive its population can be.  Individuals’ financial success translates positively into a nation’s economic strength and growth.  However, with the rising costs of college tuition and books, is Shola  Abidoyea college education still worth the money? 

In this week’s edition of the College Experts Talk, we are graced by Shola Abidoye, an expert online entrepreneur and advocate for achieving one’s fullest potential through education.

Shola is the co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer for Convertport.  She helps international service providers turn website clicks into actual clients, so they can finally get consistent, controllable recurring revenue without wasting time and money.

She’s a serial international entrepreneur, private equity investor, author and the world’s leading expert in CRSP(TM), the scalable digital sales technology. Her first online venture was acquired in 2012, and she has grown 3 businesses by over 10,000% in the last 5 years alone.

Let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of the College Funding Resource, as she interviews Shola and discuss why college education is important and not a waste of time, particularly:

  • How she views education      
  • Practical skills that she learned in college that she has been able to use later in life
  • Purpose of education and getting into college
  • Acquiring the best education without getting into a lot of debt
  • The concept of ROI and college education
  • The importance of costumer/client acquisition
  • Two core strategies of becoming an entrepreneur

To know more about Shola you can visit her site at CONVERTPort .


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