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048 – How to Plan for College Before and After a Divorce

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Generally, getting a quality college education can be very expensive.  The high costs of higher education are even more pronounced in a single-parent household.  Legally speaking, a parent’s support obligation ends when the child reaches the age of majority or graduates from high school in the case of divorce.  This means the parent paying child support is not legally bound to pay any further for the child’s education, leaving college costs the sole responsibility of the custodial parent.  If it is not provided in the divorce settlement or judgement, college costs could be affordable only with proper planning.

This week’s College Experts Talk is Brad Baldridge, is an expert college consultant with more than a decade of experience under his belt.  Brad is a registered representative of Cambridge Investment Research, and member of the local and national chapters of the Financial Planning Association.

He received his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin Platteville in 1990. He is also the founder of Baldrige College Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in providing customized college planning.  Using his knowledge and expertise in latest tax, cash flow and academic strategies, Brad has saved many families tens of thousands of dollars.

Aside from running his own consulting firm, he’s also a dedicated lecturer and author.  For the past years, he has given lectures in various settings across the country. He has also published a book called “Planning Strategies for Privately Owned Businesses.”

Together with Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of the College Funding Resources, let’s listen to this week’s edition of the College Experts Talk and learn valuable information from our expert guest.

Some of the highlights of this interview include:

  • How he became a college planning expert;
  • What are the vital points couples should consider before and after a divorce;
  • Agreement and arrangements needed to ensure that the kids’ education won’t be jeopardized after a divorce;
  • Taming college cost without sacrificing the quality of education;
  • Planning a divorce in relation to kids’ college education; and
  • Parents’ divorce and its effect to the kids’ college education.

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