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045 – Beverly Burgess: From Homeschooling to College

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Students who attended homeschooling often have to deal with a lot of questions and apprehensions about getting into the college or university of their dream. These apprehensions and concerns often leave homeschooled highschoolers often discourage to aim high and perform well in college.

But with proper education and support, any homeschooled high school graduate can perform at par with those who attended regular school in term of their performance in various admission tests on different colleges and universities.

Talking for this week’s edition of College Experts Talk is an advocate of educating and providing support to homeschooled highschool graduates and even those who finished their high school education in public school prepare for college.

Let’s join Felicia Gopaul, founder and president of the College Funding Resources as she talks with our guest expert for this way—Beverly Burgess.

Beverly is a nurse by profession but she has also has a lot of passions including her being State Coordinator for ENRICHri, has been with the group since its inception in 2009. She was homeschooled herself.

Discussed on this episode are as follows:

  • Can homeschooled highschoolers attend college? What are some similarities and differences between homeschooled highschoolers and public schooled children in preparing for college?
  • Can you speak about “unschoolers”? What are “unschoolers” and what might their portfolio/course requirements look like?
  • What opportunities from Community Colleges or 4 year colleges are available for homeschooled highschool students?
  • What do homeschoolers need in their college essays?
  • What do colleges want from homeschooled highschool students?
  • What preparation do homeschooled highschool students need for college planning?

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